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Yo I had so much hope for 3B when I saw this scene. Haha boy was I wrong. 😂😂😂

The rule is if you see Olitz making out in any of the promos or any of the sneak peeks, it won’t end well.

So far there have been no hints or sneak peeks of Olitz in the finale. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything either way, but I’d be more pessimistic if they were luring us in with Olitz, because we know it’s the old bait and switch. Whatever. My expectations are pretty low for the finale, which I doubt I’ll watch live anyway. I know it’ll just piss me off. Haven’t watched an entire episode live since 315, and I only made an exception for that because Tony directed it. Can’t wait for this awful season to be over, and I can then go about getting Scandal out of my system — for good!

They’ve also been relatively quiet on the sneak peek front. I know of only the 1 with Charlie and Quinn. Have there been more?

That’s the only one I saw.



I don’t know what this is but I love it

this show is actually hilarious.

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Scandal's Jeff Perry Reads Dr. Seuss – as Cyrus Beene : Video :



yooo, this is pretty cool! It wont let me embed the vid, but here’s the link!

Cyrus is so damn angry.





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Scandal Season 3 Cast Photos: Observations

After hours of waiting for these photos to be released, we finally have the full set of promotional images for all of the Scandal cast regulars! I have posted them as they were released and I’ll explain why in a minute. I did intend to decipher the Entertainment Weekly cast photo that was released yesterday, but I cast that one aside when scandalabc decided to whip the Scandalverse into a frenzy with the above released pics. So my mind went into overdrive, I pulled out my analysis head wrap (see above) and got to reading these images.


The rain: Well this one is fairly obvious. With the hashtag #TheStormIsComing, it goes without saying that all hell is about to break loose. Season 2 closed with the audience learning that B6-13’s Rowan was Olivia Pope’s father, and it was publicly revealed that Olivia is the President’s mistress! From the various teasers about S3, it’s clear that this revelation has far reaching fingers and will touch everybody.


Umbrellas…or lack thereof: after the first three pictures, I figured that everyone would be posed up with an umbrella or raincoat. Not so. We soon see that the number who are protected and those who are left out in the rain is evenly split. We know that there will be major damage that comes from this storm, but who will be affected? 

Of all the Gladiators, the only one holding an umbrella is Quinn Perkins. That can’t bode well, can it? She has always been an X factor for me. Quinn doesn’t have background with Olivia Pope the way her fellow Gladiators do. Quinn would be within her rights to leave Olivia out to dry after Quinn (and 7 other Cytron employees) became collateral damage of the the election rigging (aka “Defiance”) fiasco. Will Quinn become a Traitor in a Suit?

As for the other Gladiators, we see that Huck, Harrison and Abby are exposed to the elements. Because their lives intersected with Olivia’s some time in the past and continues to be intertwined with hers in the present, it is more than likely that they, too, will be affected by the fall out. We are supposed to learn more about Abby and Harrison and get some more intel on Huck, so they standing out in the rain could symbolize the domino affect that the implosion of Olivia’s life has on theirs.

An alternative (or maybe even in addition to the above) way to look at this would be to consider the fact that Huck and Harrison are the two that are Ride or Die for Olivia. Huck has his hoodie up in an attempt to pad the onslaught, but he’s still getting pelted. The more interesting image for me is that of Harrison Wright. He has an umbrella, but refuses to use it. With the option of protection available to him, Harrison chooses instead of embrace the rain. He’s willing to endure its onslaught and looks like a warrior ready to do battle. Could this be his moment to finally be the Gladiator for Olivia?

As for Abby, can we say SEXY? Finally, Abby gets a makeover! While she loves to refer to others as sluts and whores, we know that Abby has a kinky side to her. Unlike Olivia, this one has no problem expressing her appreciation for the opposite sex. Abby’s exposure, I don’t think is necessarily tied into her sexuality, but it could be. I can’t get a clean read on this one other than Darby making Abby Whelan look mad hot!

First Lady Mellie Grant. Why is she without protection? Does she become the sacrificial lamb on the altar of Fitzgerald or is there some darkness in her past that’s about to rear its ugly head?

David Rosen. I can only imagine why he is without shelter. He had been a man of moral character, but he’s a bit tarnished now. He looks hesitant in the picture, unsure. Does his new found grayness render him vulnerable to attack (internal and external)? With the back alley way that he went about getting his current position as US Attorney, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this move cost him more than he thought it would.

Under cover: You would think that surely Olivia and Fitz would sustain significant damage from the outing of their affair, right? However, here they both are under cover. Fitz seems to be a bit lost, while Olivia looks like someone with another card to play. What does she know that nobody else knows? Has Fitz made moves that don’t work out the way he hoped?

Of course, the political monster Cyrus Beene is untouched as welll. See that look in his eye? Does he strike you as a man you would want to cross paths with?


You know what really scares me about his picture? The color of his umbrella! (I’ll get to that in a moment.) Something nasty walketh that way.

Finally, Jake Ballard. He is the other one protected. I have nothing to say about him really since….well, yeah. I don’t know enough. He doesn’t even look like anything is phasing him. For some reason, that annoys me.



Colors…or lack thereof: were you able to see it? All male the characters are dressed in some shade of gray or blue! That tells me that these boys will be wavering between good and evil. 

As for the ladies, Abby and Mellie are in black! BLACK!! What could that mean? Dark times ahead, my friends. 

Olivia Pope is in her classic “Olivia Pope White”, which could signify her attempting to right her life and walk the straight and narrow; return to a state where she feels that she is once again capable of wearing the white hat. But honestly, has she ever qualified to wear it? The white could be symbolic of a goal she has set for herself of becoming better than who she has been and currently is.

What is the deal with Quinn? She’s in RED! As it turns out, she’s the only character wearing any kind of color. Red = Danger? Bloodshed? More to her back story than we know? Look at her face. She looks like she is up to no good. We just may have to return you to your folks, Lindsey Dwyer.

Cyrus is holding a red umbrella and we already know to avoid his assassin-hiring behind. How much farther has he gone in order to protect Fitz, the presidency and Cyrus’ proximity to power? 

Now take another look at Harrison. His umbrella also has red in it. Harrison, what did you do?? Or maybe I should ask, what will you do?

As I like to say, everything is deliberate in the Scandalverse. From the poses to the color schemes. Nothing is random. And speaking of nothing being random…


Order of photo release: Maybe I’m going a little too far with this analysis thing, but I found the order of the release of the pictures interesting. I’d have expected to get one of the “lowly” persons first, but they started right out the gate with Fitzgerald Grant. There appeared to be a pattern of White House, OPA, WH, OPA until we got to Jake Ballard and then I was thrown. Where would he fall? Putting him in the category of WH, that left David Rosen as the odd man out in a sense, but as US Attorney, he’s also WH.  So the pattern holds! WH, OPA, WH, OPA. 

Why start with Fitz and end with Olivia? As I asked on Twitter earlier, was this an indication that Fitz and Olivia are the beginning and the end? The Alpha and the Omega? Clearly, they are the bookends that affect all those residing in between them.

The other thing I thought of was not only the intertwining of the WH and OPA, but if there was any significance to the order in which the CHARACTERS were released. Fitz and then Quinn? Say what? Besides the weak Defiance link, what’s Quinn got to do with Fitz or Cyrus? Maybe nothing at all. What of Harrison before Olivia? Am I reaching?


Yeah, maybe I’m reaching.

What are your thoughts, #Gladiators? What do YOU see when you look at these pictures?

Look what I found, written by spectaclesinscript way back in August (September?). How did these people’s story lines play out in relation to their coverage, or lack thereof?  

Off the top of my head:

Quinn’s bloodlust led her all the way to B6-13

Abby’s is obvious and pretty much remained the same. 

Olivia and Fitz (individually and as an entity) actually did remain covered, protected, despite all the shit that came their way. Yay, Olitz? Let’s hope it stays that way for 318. I’m feeling optimistic because the show has not been focusing on Olitz drama, OR Olitz happiness. That’s actually a good thing. As for Olivia, look at her. Her smirk says that we best not forget she always has cards left to play. And is it me, or does Fitz look like he’s the only one with a giant golf umbrella? He gets the most protection. #AllRoadsLeadToFitz ?

Cyrus had blood on his hands, err head, with both DD and James, but Cyrus himself was not exposed. 

Mellie looks to be reveling in her exposure. Somehow I am hopeful for the finale where her story line is concerned. Thus far she has been seeking protection behind victimization, but she is coming undone. Will she tell Fitz and expose it all?!

Kinda mad about Jake because he got the cover of B6-13’s command, and seems to be chillin’ just like he is in the photo. meh. 

Poor Harrison. Exposed, weaken, brought down to his knees by Adnan. Shame. He started the season off so strong, too. He’s the one that got the bitches Gladiators to get it together for Liv. They messed up her plan, though, but still. Now what, Harrison?

David got exposed to the elements and nearly lost his life from fucking around with James’s Nancy Drew,. His trench coat is up, and his neck is saved. 

Other thoughts?

I have no words for how spot on this was. So happy you brought this back. Thank you.




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